Five Facless Finds: The Book Edition

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So, here are 5 books that I have found and have purchased all of which are faceless finds alhamdulillah. As well as being faceless they are really creative and fun to read. I also posted a five faceless toys post in which I explained, "why faceless?" (just in case you were wondering). Anyway let's get back to the books!

Wild About Shapes by Jeremie Fischer 
Summayah loves this book, she loves any animal book to be honest but this especially. It is a cleverly designed book in which the reader is faced with random blobs and shapes and then surprised when they turn the acetate insert to find a hidden animal.  Also included are simple texts to prompt the reader or to give the reader a clue to the next animal.

Paper Zoo by Oscar Sabini

This one is a little different. It's more of an activity book than a reading book, perfect if you've got young children that love tearing up paper and animals (the perfect combination for my daughter). There's a pocket on the back page that include sheets of card and patterned paper to recreate the collaged zoo.  

Press Here by Herve Tullet

Press Here is such a unique children's book it all start with "pressing" the yellow button and an imaginative journey of circles unfold. It's a brilliant and creative book that gets your child's imagination rolling without the help of any digital input (rare in today's digital age) .

Tools by Taro Miura 

A beautiful and simply illustrated book, where your child can explore and guess the tools of different proffesions, There are over 60 tools to discover even I learned something new.

Wednesday Anne Bertier 

I absolutely love this book its so simple yet charming. It tells the story of  Little Round and Big Square's relationship, how they go through ups and downs and more importantly how imagination and teamwork bring them closer, Minimalistic, bold and creative, definitely one of my favorites !