Five Faceless Finds

5 Faceless Finds
    Image Credit: Bata and Batuta

Yes I know what some of you may be thinking "Faceless Toys?!  ughhh how creepy", yes they can be super creepy I've seen some frightening examples out there, however, this post (I will continue posting my future finds InshAllah) shares a few examples of toys that are successfully adorable, well designed and if not just as good as the toys with faces you see everywhere.

Before I start sharing my finds i'd like to address the question you be asking which is what's wrong with the toys with faces?. Well as a Muslim I believe it to be impermissible to take, make or display images with faces ( see here for evidence of this ruling), there are different opinions regarding toys for children but the opinions that are less harsh still throw great caution in regards to having them in your home. So for me it is my intention that I personally stay away. However I have found it so difficult to do so as everything is saturated with imagery and a lot of  faceless toys can be a little creepy for my liking and books are near enough impossible to find without pictures. Fortunately, there are some really lovely toys, books and posters that I have stumbled upon that are faceless alternative and aesthetically pleasing and I hope to share them all with you Insha'Allah. So here is my first lot of finds and I must add that they are pretty much faceless but there are a few that do have minimal detailing such as dots for eyes etc but these can easily be dealt with inshAllah.

1. This is a super cute doll by Sweater Doll  it is not the doll you purchase rather they sell the sewing pattern to this doll on Etsy it is really ideal for those who love a bit of DIY and has room for plenty of customization.

2. These completely faceless Stuffed animals from Bata and Batuta prove how cute faceless toys can be.

3. Adam Greber's Modern take to the rocking horse is a super stylish and timeless piece for the nursery, this is exclusively designed and can be bought online at The Land of Nod.

4. These Wild style plush animals are also exclusive to The Land of Nod and designed by Lotta Jansdotter. I just love the playful character of these plushies.

5. This lovely wooden pull toy was also found online at The Land of Nod site (sorry I know a lot of The Land of Nod but there sooo cute). I  just love the minimal but contrasting design.

If you live outside the US and wish to purchase anything from The Land of Nod, there is an International delivery form which you can fill in.