How to Make Courgette Pasta Using a Spiralizer

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Me and my husband have been battling with our diet swaying too and from with healthy eating to junk especially when junk food is so readily available in Saudi and healthy options are hard to come by when eating out. I have been cutting out meat from a lot of our meals and instead replacing it with vegetable crammed dinners so understandably I caved into the spiralizing vegetables trend and bought myself this Lurch Spiralizer on Amazon

It has been such a blessing having this in our kitchen, it has so far been able to turn potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and courgettes (or zucchinis if you're American) into beautiful strands of spirali very easily and I only have to look to pinterest for a variation of tasty and healthy recipes. And may I add? it is insanely satisfying turning that handle and making spirally everything, just make sure you don't get carried away and spiralize every fruit and veg in your kitchen!

So this was one of my first meals that I made and me and my husband fell utterly in love. Not only was it insanely tasty but you felt great eating it, everything on the plate was good for you. Here is how I made my courgette/zucchini pasta:


-Courgettes 3-4 per person

(if large 2 per person)

- 1 Onion

- 3 Cloves of garlic 
- 2 Cups of Cherry tomatoes 
- 4 Red Peppers 
- Salt to taste 
- 1/2 tsp Pepper
- 1 tsp Paprika 
- 1 tsp Oregano 
- Artichokes 
- Mozzarella

  1. First preheat oven at 260C gas mark 9. Chop your peppers into quarters and deseed them. With the cherry tomatoes throw them in a baking tray add some olive oil, salt, pepper and crush a clove of garlic with your oregano and paprika, mix it up  and roast them in the oven until skin is blistered and black.
  2. while you wait for your peppers and tomatoes to roast you can start on the fun part, Spiralizing your courgettes seriously it's really satisfying doing this! 
  3. Once your peppers and tomatoes have finished roasting. (They should be wrinkly and slightly charred) put them in a bowl and cover them for 10 mins, the steam should allow you to then remove the skins off of them very easily.
  4. Now dice your onions and sauté them until soft and translucent, crush 2 cloves of garlic and add your noodle looking courgettes and sauté till desired texture ( you can also have this raw if you like but since this is a hot dish I'm opting to sauté them while still keeping a little crunch for texture)
  5. Now your pretty much done just plate up, Layer your courgette pasta first then your roasted pepper and tomatoes (you can cut up your peppers even smaller if you like) and finally tear up some Mozzarella and add the artichokes. Healthy, Simple and delicious. I hope you enjoy.