My Monthly Finds

During the month I tend to accumulate a variation of wonderful things that I find through the internet, I thought I will share these finds with you .  

Mr Printables have kindly created some beautifully designed PDF files that you can download and print off for personal and classroom use. 

Fabula- I stumbled upon this kids fashion online store on Pinterest and I fell utterly in love with the clothes. I have no idea if they do shipping to the UK or if the prices are even reasonable but I will be definitely checking it out inshAllah and letting you know.

Ummi & Kids - I've mentioned Ummi & kids before on my twitter and instagram account. The owner of the blog kindly created my logo. Her blog is fairly new but really well presented and her concept is well thought out with Muslim mothers in mind, I can not wait to see her future projects InshAllah. 

I love the concept of this 'Studio Roller' by George and Willy! I could use it for so many things, I'm thinking of having one in the living area where we can put daily ahadeeth, to act upon and memories for that day (and inshAllah for the rest of our lives).