Golden Milk Recipe

This week me and the baby have been full of cold as well as a sore throat. It's not the easiest thing feeling under the weather and having to look after an ill baby however the extra cuddling with my daughter and the TLC from my mum has been a blessing alhamdolilah. Another thing that has really helped is this wonderful and calming drink that I came across on the internet, it has sooo many health benefits as its key ingredient is turmeric, a root mainly known to be used in many curries. Tumeric has been proven to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and is said to help prevent many illnesses such as cancer and alzheimer's as well as help inshAllah in reducing cholesterol, headaches, bowl disorders, and free radical damage the list goes on. It is also wonderful for colds and flus. So inshaAllah I'm going to start drinking this Golden Milk regularly before bed. 

Here is my recipe for a cup of Golden milk:

You can also add cardamon or cinnamon too. It's fairly simple to make just put all the ingredients in a pan (except for the honey or preferred sweetener this goes in last and once its off the fire) then slowly let it simmer. The longer the turmeric is left to simmer the less bitter the taste, just keep an eye out as milk burns pretty quick !

Since I am no expert on matters of natural remedies and babies, please ask your midwife or health visitor if it's safe to give them some. I have personally gave my daughter who is 11 months a diluted version of it, I just mixed it up with her formula milk and she loved it alhamdolilah.